Soccer Goal Net Sizing

Soccer nets are usually sized one of two ways:

Example A ("with depth"): 8' x 24' x 4' x 10'Example B ("without depth"): 8' x 24' x 0' x 10'
Soccer Goal Net with DepthSoccer Goal Net without Depth
  1. The 1st number (8) is the height of the goal opening, from the ground to the top of the inside of the goal.
  2. The 2nd number (24) is the total width of the goal opening, from side to side.
  3. The 3rd number (4 or 0) is the "depth" of the goal top, measured from the top/front of the goal to the top/back of the goal. Some goals do not have a depth measurement.
  4. The 4th number (10) is the "base" of the goal, measured from the bottom/front of the goal to the bottom/back of the goal.

Some manufacturers (for example, Champion Sports) reverse the first two measurements of their net sizes so the examples above using their sizing would be 24' x 8' x 4' x 10' and 24' x 8' x 0' x 10', respectively. Nets sized in this manner can usually be dicerned by knowing a net or goal is not going to be 24' tall.