The Epic Sports team ordering system allows for quick entry of quantities for multiple sizes and colors. A grid is placed on the screen that allows ordering of every possible size/color combination of a product. Sizes are displayed across as column headers, and colors are displayed down as rows.

Team Order Tutorial Diagram

In the example above, the user is currently editing the quantity they would like to purchase for SCARLET AXL, indicated by the highlights. For this particular size and color a quantity of 244 is available and they are purchasing a quantity of 2.

For the SCARLET A2XL they have also tried to purchase a quantity of 2 but a red error condition has appeared because they've exceeded the quantity available of 1. The system will not allow them to proceed with their order until the quantity is corrected.

The FOREST YM is currently out of stock, as represented by the N/A.

While we make our best efforts at providing quantity available, this information is not always available depending on the manufacturer of the product, their warehouse reporting capabilities, and our own warehouse inventory levels.