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How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Kicking a soccer ball isn't as easy as it looks! A powerful, accurate kick can mean the difference between winning and losing a soccer match. This information provides you with some basics for 'kicking' your season off to a great start.

Basic soccer kicks

Learning to kick a soccer ball begins with mastering a few easy passes; a 'basic pass', the 'chip', and a 'driven shot'.

  • Basic pass. Players new to soccer should be able to perform this correctly before learning more difficult kicks.

  • How it's done. Basic passes are made from the inside of the foot, at the base of the ankle where there is more surface area and more power. Lock your ankle and drive through the ball. Your foot stays behind the ball.

  • Chip. This pass is not a power shot but a strategic kick used when an opponent is in front of you preventing you from shooting a straight pass to your teammate. Chipping lifts the ball up over the opponent's head in an arc motion so your teammate can receive it.

  • How it's done. Place your kicking foot underneath the ball, tilt your foot up while leaning back a little and scoop the ball from the toes giving it a quick lift to create a backspin, and drive through the ball.

  • Driven shot. This power pass moves the ball quickly through the air in a straight line.

  • How it's done. Draw an imaginary line between the ball's center and the goal. When running toward the ball, plant the non-kicking foot next to the ball in the direction of the shot. Using the top mid-section of the kicking foot, strike downwards on the ball to create backspin. Follow through, maintaining power on the ball. Leave the ground on your planted foot, land on your kicking foot.

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Kicking a soccer ball

Every great soccer player will tell you that power and accuracy are the two most important elements of a successful soccer kick. When you first start to learn, break down the moves and do them a few times slowly. Then, speed up the moves and practice the steps at a normal speed until you've mastered them.

Basic steps:

  • Set your planting foot next to the ball pointed in the direction you want the ball to go
  • Lean forward, look at the ball
  • Point your kicking toe to the ground in front of the ball
  • Take a few steps back
  • Run up to the ball, strike it with the laces, and follow through with the whole body
  • Land on your striking foot

Practice tips:

  • When learning the mechanics of a new kick, break it down and work on it slowly
  • Work on shots with both feet
  • Good kicks are about mechanics and accuracy, not about kicking as hard as you can
  • Practice kicking while sitting down
  • Don't take a long running start at the ball; take only a few steps back
  • Before kicking, line your planting foot up with the ball
  • Set your planting foot in the direction you want the ball to go
  • Use your arms for balance
  • Keep the body upright and drive the power from your core
  • Don't kick squarely with your toe
  • Look at the ball before you kick, not at your target
  • For ground passes, follow through with the foot close to the ground
  • For air passes, lean back and follow through with the foot in the air

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It takes many hours of training and hard work to kick a soccer ball like the pros. Once perfected, a powerful, well-executed soccer kick can take you to the top. But it isn't enough to have a great kick. Mastering the art of soccer requires excellent footing, conditioning, timing, training, and high quality soccer equipment. We have it all at Epic Sports, at prices you can afford! Check out our complete soccer menu, and visit our resources page to get totally outfitted and prepared for a great soccer season.

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